UnidosUS Conference: From Digital Abyss to Digital Equity: The Future of Work and Education

CEO, Daniel Loftus, hosts this session in the UnidosUS Annual Conference.

Remote working and learning became the new normal seemingly overnight. It has been an especially difficult adjustment for Latinos, who were already at one end of the digital divide, with much less access to technology than the nation as a whole. With education being completely online, access to a computer and internet has never been so important for student success, but nearly one in three Latino homes don’t have a computer, and 29% don’t have internet access. That alone means Latino students are being left behind in the digital classroom. And with fewer Latinos able to work from home, the digital divide has potential to become a digital abyss. In this session, learn what’s at stake for the future of Latinos in school and at work, and what must be done to ensure Latinos aren’t left behind as both continue to go digital.

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