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Capital Campaign

Your Gift Will Open Windows of Opportunity for Immigrants at PODER HQ

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Exclusive Naming Opportunities Now Available

Pro bono donations: renderings by FGP Atelier & aerial footage by SPACECO, INC.

PODER HQ Naming Opportunities

PODER HQ: $1,500,000
A dynamic, inspirational 7,000 square foot immigrant integration + job center + event space will welcome individuals to connect, listen and learn to empower communities in Chicago.

El Zócalo: $500,000
The reimagined outdoor community space, or zócalo, with benches and shaded walking paths, will guide visitors to our building’s entrance while serving as a community gathering spot for events and celebrations.

The Atrium: $250,000
A bright, airy space, flooded by natural light from a skylight, the atrium will welcome our newest Americans to Chicago and PODER HQ.  The atrium will also host rotating opportunities for city and community resources as well as local entrepreneurs.   After-hours, the atrium (with limited building access to include kitchenette and restrooms) will be transformed to celebrate private community, family and business events increasing gift recognition while generating additional revenue for PODER.

The Skylight: $200,000
PODER HQ’s most unique and recognizable feature will be a skylight, extending 20 feet above the roofline and 60 feet above the atrium floor.  But beyond the architectural element, natural light will infuse all corners of the space resulting in greater educational gains and team productivity.

Student Assembly & Event Hall: $200,000
A dedicated, flexible space to host a range of activities including student assemblies, orientations and graduations.

Elevator & Central Staircase: $150,000
Recognized on stair risers and an elevator plaque as empowering our aspiring job candidates to reach new heights as they ascend to Phase III of our program (industry specific training + job placement services) on the second floor.

Community Room: $125,000
An innovative, adaptable and multi-purpose space where partner organizations, popup businesses, and residents can host meetings, workshops, private events, or offer additional resources to students and the larger community.

Conference Rooms: $100,000
A large meeting space, with a moveable partition to create two independent conference rooms, where PODER leadership will meet with external stakeholders and convene with staff to strategize to maximize impact.

Administrative Wing: $75,000
Walls of glass, along a second floor hallway, will outline co-working space and dedicated private offices. Natural light, cast 45 feet downward from skylight to the first floor atrium, will inspire leadership to cooperate and innovate.

Training Rooms (6): $40,000
A series of six training rooms, created using movable partitions, will allow for flexible layouts to maximize usage. All training rooms will be fully equipped with the technology needed to facilitate learning, increase digital literacy, and foster student collaboration.

Team Lounge: $30,000
Adjacent to the administrative offices and workstations, the Team Lounge will include a kitchenette as well as informal spaces for staff to convene and build stronger community.

Green Roof: $30,000
The integration of a natural element using the latest technology (including wild flowers) offer shade, conserve energy and mitigate storm water runoff at the main entrance.

Staff Workstations: $25,000
An open, adaptable space with access to file and print services, where instructors, trainers and volunteers will prep for class, grade assignments, and collaborate.

Huddle Space: $25,000
Directly in front of the receptionist desk and saturated with natural light from a 60 foot skylight atrium, the lobby-like space will provide students and visitors a welcoming, centralized seating area to wait for appointments, study, and meet-up with peers.

Phone & Privacy Room: $20,000
In a quiet corner of the second floor, this soundproof space offers staff including expecting mothers a private and secure area.

Zócalo Bench (10): $7,500
Situated in and around the heart of PODER HQ, each Zócalo Bench will invite and welcome those who seek respite or simply a breath of fresh air.

In Memoriam Tree Naming (25): $5,000
PODER HQ trees will be a living tribute, planted in honor of a loved one, and add much-needed greenery to our southwest side neighborhood.

Donor Wall: $1,000+
Prominently located in the Atrium, the PODER HQ Donor Wall will be a hand-crafted, personalized tribute recognizing each individual contributor.

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